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      Welcome to the world of ASB Farms of Dragon fruit.

      This website is all about the Dragon fruit cactus plant and its fruit! Here you will find an overview of Dragon fruit, including a summary of its health benefits, information on how to grow Dragon fruit cactus commercially as a business, where to buy Dragon fruit, and even some tips on the best way how to eat it. The Dragon fruit cactis fruit name is interchangeable with pitaya fruit or also pitahaya fruit (also pitajaya fruit) and sometimes strawberry pear or as one word, strawberrypear. Dragonfruit is by far the most common name for the dragonfruit cactus fruit and the red Dragon fruit. You can also learn how to eat dragonfruit both dried Dragon fruit and fresh Dragon fruit.

      This is a good news to all the farmers of India that ASB farms is cultivating this fruit here itself in India, since last five years. And we would like to share the information about cultivating it to all those interested in doing it commercially. We also provide these plants for the same on the address mentioned.

      1) Dragon fruit being a cactus it requires less amount of water.
      2) In the first year itself the plants bear fruits.
      3) A framework of concrete poles is required to raise the plants.
      4) In one acre around 1760 nos of plants can be grown.
      5) The yield per acre is 5-6 tonnes.
      6) The plants flower generally from mid May to June and bears fruit from August to December.
      7) The market rates for dragon fruit is around 200-250 Rs per kg

      Dragonfruit Health Benefits
      The health benefits of dragonfruit cactus fruit are many and varied. These nutritional benefits include dragonfruit health benefits which help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Its health benefits and the great dragonfruit nutrition benefits make dragonfruit cactus fruit popular all over the world - Dragon fruit is now being discovered in the US and that market is growing as people realize the special health benefits of it and its great nutrional benefits like its high antioxidant amounts and vitamin C levels. Dragon fruit (most commonly as the dried dragonfruit cactus fruit) is a great fruit to incorporate into a diabetic diet plan and lots of diabetic recipes can include it. While dragonfruit is not a type 2 diabetes cure, it may offer diabetics a substantial health benefit towards lower blood glucose levels. Dragon fruit vitamin C and dietary fiber are both positive nutritional benefits of Dragon fruit among others. The amount of vitamin C in this fruit is substantial, and you can see up to 10 times the amount of vitamin C in Dragon fruit which has been dried vs. the fresh dragonfruit cactus fruit. Of course the dried Dragon fruit nutrients are much more dense than in the fresh fruit!

      How to Grow Dragon fruit
      While you may see some dragonfruit cactus plants in your backyard if you are in Hawaii, for many of those in the world the climate is not tropical enough. However, when it is right growing its commercially is big business. Growing Dragon fruit commercially is common in places like Thailand and Vietnam where the climate is right for growing it all the way successfully to fruit. In growing Dragon fruit cactus commercially, there are three most commonly cultivated varieties of dragonfruit, red Dragon fruit with red flesh and red skin, dragonfruit with yellow skin and white flesh, and red dragonfruit with red skin and white flesh. All varieties have the flesh or Dragon fruit pulp filled with lots of tiny black seeds which are edible with the fruit. For hobbyists who want to grow it, there are lots more dragonfruit varieties than used by those who grow it commercially. If you want to experiment yourself and try growing it at home, often it is easy growing dragonfruit plants just from the seeds in dragonfruit you eat. Growing it is a fun project for kids, but bear in mind that commercial growing of Dragon fruit is another story.

      How To Cut Dragon Fruit.

      Interested in cutting up a dragon fruit? With the proper technique, it's easier than you'd think. So easy, in fact, that this can present a complete overview of the process.

      Keshav Didge
      M/s Anilkumar S. Barmecha

      Ghodnadi, Tal. Shirur,
      Dist. Pune - 412 210
      Mobile: +91 98227 77466
      E-mail : anilbarmecha@gmail.com

      Please fill in the form below & write to us for your Enquiry

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